Engineering Services

Design, Function & Production

When I graduated many moons ago, my first role was with a mechanical engineering design consultancy. Since then, I have provided a fusion of industrial design and mechanical engineering services. The two are very closely linked and are essential for the production of any physical product.


Any commercially viable product requires a great degree of practicality when it comes to design and development, as well as a thorough understanding of all the costs involved. I have managed design projects for several years.

Team Work

I often work as part of a team, usually alongside electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, graphic designers, and machine operators, to ensure a smooth transition at each stage of product development.


Case Studies

I've selected a few projects I have worked on to create short case studies that outline some of the design complexities and methodology.


Modular Lighting Controller Design

A high-end wall mounted lighting control unit designed with modularity in mind and customisation during installation.


Patient entertainment terminal

A scalable patient entertainment terminal (based on an 18.5" display) with various I/O's and a corresponding handset controller.


Pre-clinical MRI machines & accessories

A range of pre-clinical MRI units and accessories. These award-winning units are utilised in various institutions around the world.


PET Attachment For Pre-clinical MRI

A portable pre-clinical PET unit designed for integration with MRI. Several configurations were created, each with different specifications.


Cordless Foam Cutter

Designed for a business start up, this cordless foam cutter was the first of its kind allowing sculpters the freedom to carve without the interference of cables.


Medical Cementation Syringe

Undertaken for Firsthand Design Limited, this multi-force medical syringe was designed by me to overcome the high forces involved in dispensing certain medical cements.